Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh sandra

[ˈɛlɪgənt] : adj
1. tasteful in dress, style, or design
2. dignified and graceful in appearance, behaviour, etc.
3. cleverly simple; ingenious

THe other day as I sat helping Joe ( one of my favorites a the center) eat his lunch the news was on and Sandra Bullock was the topic. Immediately it caught my eye. I adore her.
well Joe happens to be a HUGE fan as well. 2 things amazed me as I watched and chatted with Joe.
1. Even in his state his reply was utterly genuine and true.
I stated " I can't believe Jesse cheated. who would cheat on a woman like Sandra. can you really do better then that. Its sad and he is an idiot. "
Joe " No! its pathetic ."

2. I realized how Classy Sandra Bullock is. I can't help but believe that its not merely for media's sake.

if you haven't read her exclusive interview in People magazine you need to pick it up.
statements she makes about her soon to be lyin cheating ex husband. ... makes you stop and think.. i hope im as classy..

most would strike back with hurtful words and to make sure disgrace was attached to his name instead she says things like this

Bullock describing her current relationship with James: "A different one. A bittersweet one. One of new understanding. One of forgiveness. One of support for his recovery. One that changed my life....The father I have known Jesse to be with all (his) kids is one that I hope Louis can experience one day."

Bullock on seeing a photograph of James wearing a Nazi cap: "The photo shocked me and left me sad. This is not the man I married. This was stupid, this was ignorant. Racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, homophobia and a boatload of other things have no place in my life. And the man I married felt the same."

my favorite part of the article however. is he explanation to why she names him louis :)

so I got to thinking what makes a person classy?
Top 5 that made my list - i no particular order

1. speech- both in talk and again in knowing when to be silent.
2.respect for themselves and others - being the don't have to demand respect because they just seem to get it because they give it. - a classy person treats no one as if they are better then them or even inferior.
3.understanding /acceptance. - with this i mean how a person handles unpleasant people and situations
( 3 come to mind personally from the last month)
4 dress / how they carry themselves
5. Honesty/ and ability to be true - As in has an elegance with even difficult truths. and true in the ability to stay true to one self. to ones beliefs yet be willing to hear others beliefs and reasons.

What makes a person classy in your eyes ?


  1. "One of new understanding." I like that. After this I have a new-found appreciation for Sandra.

    That's a pretty comprehensive list for classy. I like it. I'll try to offer something different:

    5. Manners - "please", "thank you", an overall graciousness; knowing when to take a call at dinner and when to let it go to voicemail

    4. Awareness - I'll offer an example of the opposite. A few friends were over watching TV and one of them was sitting with his new girlfriend. During a commercial a girl in a bikini bent over to pick up something in the sand. The guys offers up in a low voice, "I'd like to bend her over." Long pause. His girl simply says, "Time and place."

    3. Empathy - share/understand other people's feelings. This is really just a copy of your "understanding", so I had to use a different word. ;) -- Don't dump someone on facebook.

    2. Perspective - An impulsive action might be cathartic in the moment, but it can lead to pain inflicted upon yourself or others. Having the foresight to understand the gravity of a situation and the stillness to be patient are definite virtues of class. Sandra clearly has this down pat.

    1. Allure - I think it may be more for the ladies. No, that's not true, the ladies have the same thing for the fellas, I just don't know those elements are exactly. It's still hard to place for women, but some have something about them. A way they cross their legs when they sit or how they move their hands when fingering through a menu. Grace isn't about being proper and deliberate with every action, just every now again you'll catch a physical clue.

  2. your number one is awesome. lol and the rest of the list is actually quite good as well. man being classy aint easy ;) LOL !!!