Tuesday, May 4, 2010

For Fun

in one phrase : AHHH - in one week I take an exam that makes or breaks the future I have planned.
I'm dreaming of you - G&G sunglass from the sun glass hut. - I knew i shouldn't have tried them on!
song on repeat - Don't waste your pretty - crossing dixion
gotta write it down : still figurine out the line of forgiving and letting go.
to forgive, to show the mercy God showed on us is difficult, seems take much more time and comes with the question am i forgiving if I cut this person from my life. If i stop trying to help,comfort,understand them.- make sense??
lesson learned- human opinion can tarnish even the purest of things, what’s important is that I keep my eyes on truth and live it out in my own life. ( stole from nicoles post. it just hit home. )
picture to frame-

( CT+BF + great weather and beer = nice weekend of no stress )

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  1. Good luck with your exam! Some deep breaths and a bit of focus does wonders. I'm entirely sure you'll do a wonderful job, you're extremely capable. We'll be celebrating your success soon! :)

    Great to see a new post!