Sunday, April 25, 2010

annual event

My second annual event of the year. SALSA FESTIVAL @ tempe town lake was saturday-
I love!
I love both salsas- one i can stuff my face with and the one that spins you around a dance flood.
saturday offered the first - 6 hours of sun. booze and salsa. double bonus its for a good cause. It raises money for hemophilia research. typically every year my work has a booth but for whatever reason this year we did not :( but I don't miss this event so Hayley, I and a big group of friends ventured to mill first for the suns game ( which we are not going to discuss because we lost game 4) and then the festival. The only thing missing this year the mango salsa that won my heart last year !

Something infectious about the spanish culture. We were just discussing at clinicals the other day what fabulous medical people that culture makes because they have immense compassion ingrained in them and are hard workers. Not to mention their food rocks and salsa dancing you can feel in your soul. -

CONFESSION : I LOVE the dip - its both fun and sexy!


  1. That must have been so awesome, mango salsa is delightful!

    I took a salsa class at ASU and it was fantastic! I won the merengue competition at our year end blowout. My partner would say that "we" won, but I carried her. ;)

    (in an effort of full disclosure, yes, I needed the elective and yes, the ratio of 6 girls to 1 guy did not suck)

  2. ooh, i am dyingggg to take salsa lessons!