Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Before you say it I know its not Wednesday but I'm EXHAUSTED come Wednesday night so it may not BE Wednesday but its a post about my Wednesdays :)

so why wow God Wednesday ?
( besides that its catchy )
I have clinical in the OB department on Wednesdays this semester . I'll be honest I was not looking forward to this rotation. 12 hour days starting at 530 and no Starbucks in the lobby like st Josephs.
The first week I was lucky enough to get my first surgery experience, a C- section! I was stoked! It was incredible!
I say incredible in that : it didn't bleed as much as I was expecting. my doctor ( yep my - ironically enough when the doctor walked in i knew he looked familiar - took me about 10 min to place him... my doc - lol ) was a sight to see on how fast and precise he was with the blade and then stitches. - seeing the layers it took to get to the baby and then him reach in to bring the baby into the world was something out of a sci fi movie!
I witnessed a miracle. that little baby is one in itself but after witnessing the c section which is GRUESOME! its a miracle how the body heals itself.

fast forward to the next Wednesday .

I was on labor and delivery this week. again not to excited , my only experience there before was so boring because its one pt and it can take being in labor ALL day before the baby is born. When its the beginning of labor it is a lot of monitoring, letting mom sleep...
Once again I was WRONG!
I was assigned two of the best nurses I have ever come across. Ironically enough ( again) my nurse had been to Tonga. ( I have a culture report due on there in two weeks and its where v family from) So i spent the morning listening to her talk about her mission trips ( which re inspired me to make mine happen) and then our pt. The cutest family I've encountered in my hospital career yet went into active labor! by mid afternoon I had help assist a beautiful girl into the world. - there are no words for how awesome it is.

I've now witnessed 3 births and everyone of them was equally amazing. If you stop and think about how that little life grows inside.. and then how in heavens name it is able to come into the world the way that it does... and all the things that could go wrong ... it really is a miracle.

Last story is this one :
We had to watch it for class. ( I think to really drive it home the importance of medication checks and how fragile life is.) - its not the video we watched.. we watched one of his seminars he had at the hospital but

this man .... these last two weeks.. I stand in awe.


Only one way to appreciate the miracles in life -
know where they come from .


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