Sunday, August 28, 2011

God rest his soul

I know Autumn through my brother Jon- . I don't know her personally very well... BUT
she is the type of person you admire from the first time you meet her . She has a light inside of her so I was not surpised when I heard all the wonderful things said about her husband, that he has a light in him as well
Two GOOD people found each other.
Now thats a love story!

check out this link

watch this video and you can get an idea of just what I mean

they may have been dealt a bad hand. And its always a wonder as to why the good people get dealt those hands but...
as her best friend would say " play the hand your dealt like aces! "- matty G"

if you find it in our hearts to donate... donations can be made to to the family by check through the Tempe Police Foundation (Tax ID No. 26-3670930), P.O. Box 27661 Tempe, AZ 85285.
"Tim Barber" should be written on the memo line.

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