Wednesday, July 20, 2011


So this week I've been AWOL cram studying for the biggest test of my nursing career so far!
My extremely supportive boyfriend has kept himself occupied with this show..

I took what was suppose to be a well deserved short break the other day and joined my man in the living room mid episode - season four.
I now understand the obsession my best friends had with this while it was on the air

how you get hooked mid episode in season four you ask...
yep its that good.
so now im three seasons behind and found myself studying in the same room while he watched the rest of season four. asking enough questions to probably drive him nuts. :)
good thing he went to work. . this is a much shorter break.. but while he away next week... i think ill catch up. :)

coco be prepared ill be texting you with " WHAT" pretty frequently. !
For starters how does that one guy know everything about the island... like he runs it.
Plus why do those army men want him so bad. and who he trying find before he finds him
did the really " move the island"
I also missed what she was a fugitive for
and why the heavy set guy is in the psych ward...
is it because he talks to ghosts...
oh which brings me to why is jacks dead dad EVERYWHERE!

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