Wednesday, July 27, 2011

a Day late...

Things I'm LOVING!
Tuesday- on a Wednesday ;)

1. I passed my state boards on the first try
2. All the prayers my friends said to make the # 1 happen
3. The brown leather couch that will occupy my house until V finds a place ;)
( he may have to carry it out with me on it. this things is SOOO COMFORTABLE )
4. cold egg rolls
5 the massages we got yesterday in celebration!
7. lions
8 Carmel frap. from Starbucks
9 I found two Starbucks gift cards !
last but no where the least...
10. that my occasional insecure moments don't even phase my bf. He just remains mellow and positive and sure. :)

I didn't used to be so high strung. . - nursing school and demons of a past tweaked that a bit. ... so from my lips to gods ears.
THANK YOU FOR THE PEOPLE WHO calm my soul and remind me all is well.

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