Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I wish upon.. a shooting star.. in a prayer...

for at least one of the scholarship
An A on my renal exam Friday
Pass practicums with ease
That Im prepared for the Final. = passing block 2
For a solution to my newly discovered work situation
my boyfriend to call
A hug.
for no more change this month.
Everyone is as excited about their christmas gifts as I am to give them.
That my words bring comfort to sarah
That my bro doesn't loose his job
I could go see new ann hathoway movie

what are you wishing for this month ?


  1. Wishing that I could go see the Anne Hathaway movie with Anne Hathaway...

  2. Your words are ALWAYS comforting. You are the only one I ask for a scripture..cause I know that you will choose the exact one that I need to hear.

  3. What's the new Anne Hathaway movie? I'm so behind. I'm wishing I could get out of town just for atleast a day. Need some change! lol