Thursday, December 30, 2010

10.. 9... 8... 7

As the holidays draw to a close most people begin to contemplate, “What’s my New Year’s resolution going to be this year?” I've been asked this 2x in the last day- so. . i sat to contemplate. one I took from a friend. one I swear to ever january and a few are for sanity sake. ;)

Join a study group

Get Organized.

Go Somewhere.

Buy the sunglasses I've had my eyes on

Master 10 new meals
Stick to the workout
Find time for more quiet moments.

hard to believe this year is really over- what a year its been....

i managed to scratch off 2 more things on my before 30 list.

21 Be living on my own
22. Have a new car

think thats a good sign my new years resolutions wont loose their momentum after january! ;)

CHEERS! to a much calmer year.

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