Tuesday, July 6, 2010

too funny!

" Laugh at yourself and never cease to be amused!"

I love that quote. Even more I Love a good sense of humor. Life is much EASIER when you can laugh. So why the picture. 1. What a good sense of humor this man has when life is rough. admirable! Not what sparked this post however. What did ? My horoscope yesterday . I just shared it with my family. Tears streaming down my eyes from laughing. perhaps Im past tired but I laughed so I'll share.

now keeping in mind that this summer I have to buy
1. a New car /insurance
2. pay rent
3. buy a couch.
4. bought my 100 nursing bag for aug
those are just the BIG things
5. and I stated yesterday to lauren. " Lately I've been dreaming BIG"

It's an inefficient predicament: Right now, you have the vision of an entrepreneur but the funds of a hobo.


  1. LOL!! That is priceless!

    The universe has a sense of humor. Glad you are able to laugh with it! :)

  2. that is a really good one. hope you kept it.

  3. haha love it!


  4. Hahaha! "I've been dreaming really big lately!" I'm keeping that one in my pocket. xo