Sunday, July 4, 2010

Number 6. CHECK

She's a good girl, loves her mama
Loves Jesus and America too

And I'm free, I'm free fallen'
And I'm free, free fallin'
Free fallen'

The entire event was surreal. From the drive down to Eloy to the moment I realized I was about to sommersault into the wide open sky to my feet hitting the ground again. I couldn't believe I was doing it/did it. AS surreal as it was I remember every movement/thought like its happening right now.
A week ago I got hat feeling again. The one that I needed to do something. Live a little. Bj text me he was going sky diving and I should come. 24 hrs later with a lil persuasion I told myself this was my answer to the prayer I had said. so I agreed and refused to think about it till sat. Morning :)
I was sure i was going to be a nervous wreck but i was eerily calm. I simply told the two assigned to me they were going to be "chatty " to distract me and I would be golden. I acquired the nick name chatty, they abliged and my plan worked. ( helped my video guy was a STUD) but THANKS BOYS!
The entire experience was awesome ! Its not the same feeling of when a roller coaster plummets , its a floating feeling. Peaceful and exciting at the same time. I highly suggest everyone puts this on their bucket list. Will I do it again ? Maybe one day :)

three things they don't tell you
1. wear earplugs
2.if you get a group to go the coordinator gets money off their jump. their also a student discount and a 10 coupon online till sept
3.scarriest part is when they " make you more comfortable" and you sink down in the harness shifting away from your partner mid air!

or 4 things
4. your mouth will be EXTREMELY dry. ha all your photos will turn out hilarious the guys look good cuz they keep their smiles closed mouths :) thanks for the heads up.

laugh away


  1. That is so freaking rad!! Proud of you!!! I need to find some people that'll go with me... those pics are PRICELESS!!

  2. apparently stephen and john want to go. I had no idea they did or i would have waited for them.

  3. Can't believe you did it and then was like ya I went skydiving like it was nothing. This is HUGE!