Friday, June 4, 2010

"the one"

" the one"

I used to be obsessed with asking the older generation i took care of in high school " How did you know he was the one "
they only answer I ever got was " I just knew" I hated that. and as much as i hated that simple answer I've lived by it.
I recently watched 500 days of summer. loved. I related to the main girl. what hit home

" I woke up one day sure of what i was never sure of with you ".

so how do you just know. . how do you ignore thinking logically
do we have he same beliefs. dreams of travel. morals. money habits. wanting children. idea of where to live. ... ect.

these two.. these two are the reason I still believe fairy tales come true. happy relationships still exist and marriage is worth it.

TOday my Best friends celebrate 5 years HAPPILY MARRIED! -

My speech 5 years ago is as true now as it was then ( snippet )
"Stephen you will be happy to know you're the only one I never told her to break up with. That's because stephen , before you, Nicole never glowed quite the was she does now and if i knew nothing else about you that would be enough to make me love you for her. I couldn't help but believe you two had found your soul- mates. Fro me maybe that is what is so great about today even if for only one night these two make me believe again. "

I love you both more then words can capture a. Here's to my best friend and her hubby who s now more then my best friend's husband but my friend.

we played a game at her bridal shower. everyone had to leave advice on a card.



  1. Ah cried reading this. Seriously best maid of honor speech ever. No surprise though.

    So last night didn't go as we expected it. Dinner was good but it ended up making me really sick by the end of the night. We had to take Sky with us to the hotel because he was fussy. Got to the hotel and they overbooked rooms so even with our reservation we still had no room. So by 10 we were home, me sick, fussy baby, but it was ok. We didn't need all the gifts and glamour of a fancy anniversary celebration. Ever day being with "the right person" is a great enough gift. I think year 5 will be the best one yet. But as you've seen it hasn't always been an effortless easy marriage. I think a lot has to do with marrying "the right one." But mostly it has to do with putting yourself 2nd, thinking of them first. Lot's of effort, lots of sacrifice, lots of work. ha! But worth it all. Stephen and I used to always say- you are everything I never knew I always wanted. lol First time I re-met him I thought to myself I want to marry someone just like him. Didn't think I had a chance! lol You will know. Just be open to the idea that it may be someone you least expect it to be. love you!!!

  2. Cole - That DOES sound like a lot of work!! haha. Certainly no effort wasted on either of your parts. When it's right anything invested is redeemed ten fold in the way that you two interact and support one another.

    There are only two couples that serve as a beacon for what I should hope to find one day, and you guys are definitely one of those couples. :)

    Kristin - you crack me up. You related to the main girl?? You little heart-breaker, you. :)

    That line was definitely one of the more memorable parts of the movie. Cold! But insightful.

    I clearly have absolutely no wisdom to impart on possible indicators of the one, but I'd like to think that beyond just chemistry there is a certain ease that exists when it's right. Instead of being unsure about things or the other person you find yourself trusting them and know that it's you and them versus the world.

    And maybe things just naturally work out. But not that everything is peaches all the time.

    An example is Cole's anniversary night. Pretty terrible evening! Ha ha.

    BUT they have a continual understanding that their bond and their life is the main character, and nights out, reservations, etc are just supporting actors. So when things don't go right with the other things, they still have one another and they are entirely and utterly fulfilled.

    But what do I know?! :)

  3. And that is a great speech. :)

  4. i like the its just an ease.
    i argue that point often when i don't date someone long. my family gives me a hard time
    " you never give it any time." lol
    what they know; right fam !! love you!!

    Ahah and thanks :) ha lucky for them i gave such a nice speech before they through me the curve ball. oh FRANKES you will pay

  5. what?! I don't get it. what's the curve ball? ha!

  6. 4 words. - surprise dance. hamster song

  7. I think there is a story here. X drinks and X hours on the river should reveal all... :)