Thursday, June 10, 2010

My head is in the clouds.

Dream Big. thats what were taught . - Because dreams do come true.
The last couple days I can't seem to get my head out of the clouds. What am I dreaming o you ask....

1. Graduation day! so i can make all these other dreams happen

2.. A cooking tour through europe. or some sort of culture infested adventure through Greece,Rome,Venice and Ireland.

3. Of Opening a hospital in Africa where there's a real floor, curtains between patients and one person to a bed.

4. the bike wine tour planning with my two best adventure girls. :) - . sweet wine. feet propped up after the bike tours and good friends / lots of laughs. its about that time. been a year since our last vaca.

5. that somehow am famous - still working on how to pull that off so that i can merely be on DANCING WITH THE STARS!
if that dream weren't big enough that Derek would be my partner !


  1. Hahaha, cute post! And nice list... two and three particularly.

    I wish I'd travel more, sigh.

    If you take "Derek" someone needs to catch... whatever her name is. I'll step in. =)

  2. i immediatley regret my post back you mean this brown headed babe in the photo. i think thats brook...