Tuesday, April 20, 2010

happy day

Now I have indulgences, things that make me happy, things that relax me, things that cure frustration things that make me laugh. so this weeks blog challenge. ' GUILTY PLEASURE ' -
so lets hear it !

my top
5 Guilty pleasure

1. SUGAR - particularly pazookie cookies from oreganos - I don't even want to think about how many calories are in these sinful desserts but they satisfy my sweet tooth . - ill take a Twix. a float. man a shake from johnny rockets. chocolate carmel squares. brownies. cheese cake.

2. High Heels - Ill call this one a guilty pleasure because typically i despise shoes. I would rather walk around barefoot even if that means walking on AZ sidewalks in the dead of summer.

3. Juicy novels - two of my bests friends have me hooked on the sookie steakhouse books. ( thanks mom for the surprise of the next one in the series ) but he res theSECRET pleasure. cowboy romance novels. yep.

4. Presents for no particular reason - now this goes for either receiving or giving them. I get giddy when I get a ' made me think of you ' present and even more so one i have one as a surprise for someone. - a shout out to my madre who does this CONSTANTLY :)
5. Facebook/ blogging : easiest way to keep up to date with friends these days while i live at school and work. Plus lets be honest.. i love fb chat while im stuck in class listening to power points be read verbatim.
maybe i should do one on top 5 pet peeves.

last but not least
6. Sky photos - ok ok so I couldn't resist this last one which i thought of just as i was about to post. this make my heart>

MAN this was harder to narrow down then I thought.


  1. Great list! So you. I should have put #5. It's addicting!

  2. Now I'm so freaking hungry...... ugh!! I like the pazookies from BJs, but I think that's because it's such a freaking pain to park at Oreganos. It's a freaking corporate policy to make the parking lot as ergonomically inefficient as possible.

    Wow, looks like I have an item for a "things I utterly despise" list.

  3. actually the restaurant farm house right by the gilbert oreganos. i asked tat once why the place was so freaking small when there is a line out the door.
    answer : how do you thought we got the line out the door. its small so it always looks packed. people assume its that good and will wait. - good business.but i would agree to pain in the ass

    ironic. i just ate a pizza cookie from bj's. the nursing girls convinced me to go.