Tuesday, April 20, 2010

FrOm A to Z

decided I enjoy this blog so, I'm going to play along. for

I choose Attitude. Lauren has quoted Lou Holtz for years and its words to live by

“Life is 10% percent what happens to you and 90 % how you respond to it.”

in memory of one my brothers best friends and one best examples of devine character
Matty G -
" take the hand you're dealt and play it like aces "

cheers to you Matt. ( yesterday was 2 yrs) may we all be blessed with your out look. and may we all be loved so much for the happiness. and genuine character that you have and is proven on your memorial page which people still write on daily.

I believe it takes more energy to be angry/bitter then to be happy. An attitude that " everything happens for a reason " whether we see the reason or trust it to GOD, it makes coping a million times more tolerable.

a good attitude and character . thats what makes you win.

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  1. My favorite quote ever! It's so real. Love you. xo