Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Back to reality

Hello Tuesday -

I apologize I've been slacking HaRdCoRe but I'M BACK.

I just caught up on what you have been up to- here is why I've been M.I.A. let start with
CLINICAL STORY OF THE WEEK - Day 2 of meeds was las wednesday . I saw the second most intense wound. the dreaded pressure ulcer ! - this one however was unstageable I actually saw the mans coccyx bone -the killer part, he chooses this because he refuses to get up and being of sound mind you can't over rule his choice. it's his life. but wow PAINful. - originally in lab I was DREADING wounds. they made me literally gag, but oddly enough in 'real life' i have found them fascinating.. perhaps the ER is where i belong.
disclosure. my clinical stories of the week are mellow and short because A i can't give out details. and
B I'm in a long term care facility so everyone is pretty stable ( for their conditions) and the good stuff is well... why they are there - which is covered by HIPPA.

anyway , I got a lot of exposure with Chris but i must say I really loved following Joe - Joe is the " utter guy" nothing phases him. I am taking two things away from my day with Joe
1. get an organized routine - not my typical habit but one I'm determined to create. ( chris had zero breaks. Joe had an additional few - my kind of day )
2. The patients LOVED him. Why? he talked to them like family/friends, it wasn't a you rely on me kind of thing if that makes sense.

so the BEST part of the week was Thursday afternoon! OH COUNTRY THUNDER how i wait for you all year! in one simple sentence - Overall. this was the best year yet.

we were late headed out so i missed Joe D. and our RV had NO AIR and I had someone actually think a serious conversation at CT was appropriate. however I LOVED every other moment. People always ask my ' how can you love country music' or ' what is so appealing about ct' - there really are no words that do it justice. Its just something you would have to experience to completely understand but I'll give it a shot
Camping at country thunder everyone is friendly. you can leave your doors to the rv unlocked at night/ et strangers wander in to use your restroom or sleep off their drunkenness in your bed ( yep both of those happened) You leave your coolers of beer out because your offering anyone who wonders through a beer anyway. You hop camp sites and someone feeds you. ( had best steak fajita ) our rv had no air/power so the guys behind us let us charge our phones in their camper. offered the shower. ( i know what your thinking of course you're girls - but they wouldn't even be at the camp site when we would use it. ) when their friend decided leave early guess who came and moved our RV so that it was close to their generator and they could plug us in. It's a whole different mentality/ culture out there. No one thinks about all the things that stressed them out hours before arriving. No one worries what time it is, its all go go go and relaxing at the same time. PLUS the boys dance! from twirling and dipping to slow and sweet. Gentleman . well least ones vie met the past few years.
Saturday was by far the best day.
old friends. day drinking. new friends. ROCKING concerts. smooches and dancing -does it get any better?
363 days till CT 2011

( and guys looking like this. nuff said. )

Lets see what else. .. the dog is clean . We scored more then half our money back and a discount for next yr.'s RV. :) SCORE! - My boss has finally taken the directness and backed off. Managed to get my laundry done. attend a study group. - pray for my care plans and exam on monday.
AHHH school.. Im holding on for dear life to my B. I know my instructors keep tell us to be happy with C's. to accept them as A's. but I just cant grasp that concept. . my teaching project is on vascular dementia so anyone who knows anything about it let me hear it :) -- I'll be honest I'm having EXTREME spring fever, that was until block two instructor tilly came to register us and give us the ' heres what to expect' SHIT. so block two is really where life ends. Friends all i have to say is either get ready to study with me or become serious pen pals.
My car didn't cost my any money on its 3rd visit to the shop! thank you vergil! perhaps as celebration ill go get it detailed on sunday .
the SUNS - are winning 98 to 72 right now. In IMPERATIVE we win this one. only two teams have come back from a 2-0 stat during playoffs. I have always loved watching games with my dad. He does this Indian yell when he gets excited. and lol he honestly believes his negative energy throw with a sound effect during the other teams free throw shots works. :) if only we had tickets....

alright friends its time to get some homework done. chat soon !


  1. Wow, country thunder actually sounds... cool. Color me informed!

    I'm glad you had such a great time!!

  2. did i convince you to go next yr lol ! no but really the people out there and the party till sun comes up is a fabulous time.