Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good Week/ Bad week

I know your thinking how can you possibly need 'a good week bad week vent' when its only WEDNESDAY - well I'm a bit overwhelmed so my tolerance level has been reduced a wee bit this week.

OK OK .. if I'm completely honest..... last week it 'that ' day occurred.
It hits me every once in a while, unexpectedly with usually not real big reason.

I never mention this anymore- I try not to talk about it.
but truth is i did what i always do. how Meredeth/Derek said it best
" I'm just waiting for it to pass"

It did. I had a friend coming, 3 full days of work, a book to finish and two huge exams to focus on. -

Then .
smooth work weekend - good week
finally felt better - good week
got to see my nursing girls - good week
DIVINE weather this week - good week
found out we have a exam next Monday as well - bad week
texts all of class from co workers on everything that was being changed by my new manager without any supervisor being there - bad week
hadn't studied for the practicum - bad week
last min study session - good week
made it to the gym for a intense workout with mark - good week
late for work - bad week
manager made me call and make a request to someone I'm no longer friends with - bad week
that conversation was short, this person was rude and immediately regret being considerate AGAIN - bad week
introduction with the new manager - bad week
getting told how to do my job all day and then 1/2 apologized to when he realized what was going on - bad week
complaining about change - bad week
gym work out number 2 routines back in full swing - good weed
energy pill made me wide awake to study and read - good week
breakfast at the best place down town - good week
heard a song on the drive home. Instantly started to cry. - bad week
here the song ...

There was passion, there was laughter
The first morning after
I just couldn't’t get my feet to touch the ground
Every time we were together
We talked about forever
I was certain it was Heaven
We had found

So why they call it falling
i don't know....
Sooner or later
You have to come down

It’s like a knife through the heart
When it all comes apart
It’s like someone takes a pin
To your balloon
It’s a hole, it’s a cave
It’s kinda like a grave
Why they call it falling
Now I know

did a good deed/ had a minor panic attack/ saw how my good deed was being returned with not so much consideration,/ extra hr Dr and a 2 hr wait = annoyance - bad week
car needs a completely new air compressor - more money then i have and its 80's weather next week - bad week
looked at new cars cant afford them - bad week lol
made it to the gym - good week
found out something... - bad week
no desire to study- bad idea!
have to attend a meeting tomorrow on my day off with the boss i already don't enjoy - bad week
Friday may have suns tickets again - good week

and I'll always end on a good week.

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