Monday, March 22, 2010

a lil PDA

PDA can be for friends - this picture makes me happy. I associate it with the moments in which I'm arms linked with my own friends/family. Its almost always a bursting with excitement moment or a utterly content stroll . either way ill take the moment.

Recently my dear friend Lauren wrote a blog on hand holding. I have to admit it warmed my heart - and reminded me of the last time I really held a lovers hand. - He would always hold it while we drove in the car. which I loved more then the PDA. I can almost feel my giddiness again. such a girl right

anways ..
check out her page

now if I'm holding a hand its often just a few fingers.
its less sweaty
B I'm a sag to the bone and well we hate anything that makes us feel like freedom being taken .

it wasn't until a friend of hers left a comment that her and her love link arms.

sticking with their theme of lovers - linking arms I think even surpasses hand holding.

something about the linked arms is sweet.
It sends a message of a unbreakable bond and a fun relationship with a classic touch of a gentleman and a lady.

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