Saturday, March 27, 2010


What a great evening. I got to tan and study all day then dinner with the madre at BJ bewery's where I satisfied my caving with the sante fe salad and a pizza cookie. after dinner my madre suggest we go browse the apple store and

I bought my MAC!

THANK YOU MIKE - his customer service was impeccable. I'm not a computer savvy person and Mike never made me feel incompetent. He may think I'm crazy since I went in there and spontaneously bought a computer and I'm as red as a lobster but not incompetent :)

so scratching of # 28 on the things to do before I'm 30 :) EXCITING !


  1. Ahhhh!! We can skypeeee!!!! So exciting! I got your text message when I woke up this morning! I'm totes giving you 48 hours to be accustomed to your new toy, then you have to download skype! So exciting! Enjoy!! :)

  2. is it free because ive spent my max amount at the moment. but i did get a free printer. so that 100 rebates going to boots :)


    I hear great things about Skype, and I'm pretty sure Skype to Skype is free.

    Congrats on the Mac! Way better than a PC (though Windows 7 is legit.)