Sunday, March 28, 2010

be like minded if his love brings you any comfort.

Today I was one of many that helped to give a community clean water for five years. Clean water is the charity Mission church worked with and it is absolutely phenom. - checked out their web page. 100% of donations go to the cause and they track their work with photos, gps and video so you know without any shadow of a doubt what your donation goes to.

Today's message was about being God like. - that the way up is to step down in humility and do for your brothers what the lord did for you. The Pasteur talked about how even though you may be right in the argument ,you need to do step down in humility and let go of your pride .
his examples were with a spouse or coworker. friend or family member.

Philippians chapter 2.

what am i getting at ...

on the way to church I said a very long prayer. I was asking for strength. I was praying on what I should do -

then the message in church was about bringing peace. of letting your pride go. I've always prayed in my prayers God give me direct signs. ones i cant misinterpret.

coincidence - I think not.

Then , I have had a rough week as you have briefly read well I had completely forgot about my CPR class at work tonight. And I raced there annoyed I had to attend. Did it really have to be on my day off.
I have taken this CPR class with the same man many times. I would safetly say that anyone who has met him is blessed.
A remarkable teacher. A man who to his core believes in laughing as much as possible. that happiness is a choice and that life is about being a better person, helping others.

His happiness and constant jokes to get laughs was exactly what i needed in that hour. - coincidence. I think not.

as always I trust that everything happens for a reason. that God does not give you more then you can endure.
tonight though God I ask you to give my heart a break. :)


  1. I enjoyed the message as well, but it's clear that it resonated in particular with you. I'm glad to hear it.

    Take some solace in the fact that you looked no worse for the wear for all that's been going on. :)

  2. hahahh thanks bu! good to see you. lets do the poker thing soon. then maybe vegas wont take my money so fast next time :)