Friday, February 19, 2010

Somebody throw me a FREAKING bone here.....


Im standing there quiet but all day I was really thinking AHHHHHH!
If you only knew what was really going on in my head.
now i'll admit that the first time i gave into an ahhhh out loud today I immediately felt a little better but that was at 1130 a.m.
Rarely do I have a day I would classify as bad. rough maybe. over it, sure. today was the day from HELL!

I already cashed I my 30 seconds ( a theory I learned from a conference my work sent me to- idea is to only allow yourself or your employees to vent for 30 seconds. then you have to let it go. Any ranting longer then that is merely just repeating what's already been said ) called Hayley for sanity on lunch and RANTED to my mother so all going to say on the matter is

The day started at 445 am where I woke up on my floor for work. Apparently sometime during the night i moved all my blankets,pillows and even grabbed the sheet and alarm and moved to the floor. why ? u ask. I don't have the slightest idea.
The day ended with a women telling me I ruined her life. - Now add about the same level unbelievable stuff occurring until 5 p.m. thats 6 a.m to 5 p.m to clarify.

Here is the question i pose.. Is I because I'm Irish that I get so angry. Or perhaps because lately seems like I put up with one asshole after anther. I simply can't comprehend some peoples audacity ! and to be completely honest i really don't think i'm irrational. E. Rooselvelt said "you can't expect someone to do something you're not willing to do yourself. "
It's no secret i give more chances then are often deserved and many without even requesting an apology but there be that last straw, maybe small and I'll be done. My aunt used to tell me I expect to much. I beg to differ. I expect what I give. E. Rooselvelt thinks thats fair. I vote fair too. no???

Now- Typically I exercise to release my energy but my damn knee. However, hay and I are enjoying a beer and How I Met Your Mother I think it may he just surpassed my initial option. Oh halo how I love you !

heres to a restful sleep IN bed and a better day tomorrow. Sweet dreams.

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