Sunday, February 21, 2010


GOAL: TO find one thing each day that gives a sense of quiet in a crowded day .

It wasn't until yesterday at 3:30 P.M when I arrived home to an empty house, flopped down on the couch, shrugged off my shoes and decided to indulge myself in watching the episode of Grays Anatomy that I missed Thursday and a quick nap (Mariah concert with the Anderson's was at 530 ) that I realized what I had been missing. What was fueling my anger/irritated feeling. SILENCE - " me time"

In past week or so the only time I was alone ( not even acknowledging the phone) was when I was sleeping. This morning i woke up in much better spirits. It was a rainy day with beautiful skies.

It's funny how fast life comes at you. How much responsibilities dominate your time. I'm not even a mother or a wife yet so I've only grazed the tip so more power to those who have that on their plate along with everything else. I often joke " when there is another day added to the week we would all be golden" - meaning if I just had one more 24 hr period I would get everything done and have time to squeeze more of the stuff 'I'd rather be doing' in. However, if there was another 24 hrs would
' what I'd rather be doing' be what I filled it with ?

I enjoy my life. Nursing school is intense but taking it one day at a time makes it less overwhelming. Today work went smooth. I wasn't as tired as I expected to be after only 4 hrs of sleep. I managed to cross off 5 things on my to do list, catch an amazing sunset, see my aunt and eat dinner with the parentals.
( pizza of course - Drake routine. ) Now it time for audio lectures and vocab assignments.
Then a quick to do list for the week. quiet prayer and bed.

word to the wise. Make time for the quiet moments .


  1. Wish there was a "like" button for blogs. And can I say I'm proud of you. You have to admit your writing on here more than you thought you would. Hope this week is a much better one for you. love u

  2. I'm pretty sure you nailed it on the head. We would all be so different if we had that extra *24 hour period* to calm our soles and our souls. ;) Love a lot. xo