Monday, February 22, 2010

Its a LOVE /HATE relationship I have with the gym.

More energy
Me Time
Classes- I need an instructor
flat abs and buns of steal !

time consuming ( time to get there, work out time, drive home time,incorp a shower.)
I HATE sweating
smells like FEET

Lauren and I had the perfect system she would MOTIVATE/DRAG me to the gym and once we were there I would ENCOURAGE/PUSH us to make the workout worth while. then she moved and I then had a acquaintance relationship with the gym. Then laura came along and she was my saving grace - yes a motivator!
RIGHT when i got my routine set Ricky broke his leg. Between school, work, taking care of him ( a.k.a cleaning, cooking , errands, being company .. blah blah )
Side note : I should probably take a moment right here to state a
I willingly did all those things and was happy/content with him having to depend on me.

OK back to my story. so when he broke his leg school was in and I was working full time. Enter in all those additional factors and homework plus my social butterfly nature - something had to give. ADIOS GYM!

so now its February and country thunder is in 49 days, summer is in 4 months
( my new motivators) - TIME TO GET MY ASS IN SHAPE!

so tonight starts my on again off again official LOVE/HATE relationship with the gym . you my friends are no required to harass me and make sure i get my routine established.

Mondays - 5:30 : Interval
6:30 : Yoga

Tuesday : 5:30 Arms and core
6:30 Pilates

WED : Interval again

Thursday : elliptical and weights

Friday : DAY OFF!

WEEKEND : depends if I'm working otherwise I'm thinking HIKING! - we have been having PERFECT weather.

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