Sunday, February 28, 2010

the 411

It was a great week so I decided I would relive it one more time and answer the question I seem to get a lot lately. " What have you been up to"

here's to a GREAT week

mandatory work meetings every Monday 7am are now complete THANK GOD!

Brooke's baby shower was a successful surprise -

Judy delivered my next sin - French bread. the woman needs to open a bakery -

made it to the gym 3 out of the 4 times i planned on going

Nursing school is time consuming, tedious and overwhelming. Not that anything is terribly difficult its just a lot at once.

WED- Marc brought fruit and marshmallows dip ( he didn't get the memo our pot luck got pushed back) YES! My Rockstar worked wonders Thursday and we were let out early. counldt have been a better day considering the weather- Plus it was my carter day so able to get 3 assignments done before dinner and errands with Hayley. ---
Heard all about RC this week and it no longer stung. finally passed. :) !

BON JOVI was wed. - 5th year in a row I've gone! LOVE IT. He still knows how to rock a stage for hours.

which brings me to my funny thing of the week #1 :

There was a woman either 9 months pregnant or having twins because she look like she was going to pop wearing a crop top and jeans. I want to know where he friends were but i guess more power to ya for the completely not giving a shit.

Work been pretty good. I should have warned my new co supervisor of what was coming and the lack of appreciation she will probably feel initially . But she rocks at her job. I got flowers for no reason from one of the regulars. nothing makes a girl smile like flowers just because. -
Stephen. your voicemail made my day i burst into laughter numerous times- you may have redeemed yourself for that Saturday.

ERIN text me she going to be here march 19th ! STOKED! its been far to long since my partner in crime has been in AZ !!

This weekend was a blast. I haven't gotten liquored/dressed up since school started.
Bonus I got to see E. (how i have missed him )
Saturday i remembered why I stopped drinking hard alcohol - hello hangover its been a while. slept till 2. lunch with the fam. a pedi and shopping.
about as unproductive as it gets.

enter funny thing of the week #2
We decided on Vale Luna. the foods not great but they have a taco basket for 6 bucks that perfect for hangovers and I love sitting on the patio. BAD IDEA today.
the ducks there are in no way intimidated by humans anymore. The duck actually flew up and bit my hand in a successful attempt to get my chip. that be the second time i was bit by a duck.

Minus this break to catch up with everyone i didn't see or get to talk to this week been a productive day. suns lost this game but we won earlier this week! we will make the play offs we will make the play off. repeat. we will make the play offs.

homework assignments are done. Notes printed. cards mailed. presents wrapped. bathroom clean. laundry ready. reading about to begin and GAME night in less than an hr. :)

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