Thursday, February 18, 2010

Riddle Me This...

I really shouldn't complain because I rarely have to deal with traffic but I just can not fathom why there is freaking traffic( on a regular morning and evening basis) on a freeway and in the case of going to phx an INTERNATIONAL highway.
YES i know there is a significantly greater number of people on the move at the same time HOWEVER! -

1. Everyone gets going at different times
2. There is an on ramp USE THE GAS!
3. and in the case where they use lights to help the flow- how is there still a problem!
4. There is an entirely separate lane to exit so really shouldn't slow down the rest of us
5. WHY slow down around a cop that has someone pulled over. he's already occupied so even if you were speeding and should be pulled over well he's busy.
6. Slowing to see car accidents- you can't ever really see anything anyway and it will be on the news at 5, 7, and 10 so watch it then.

Lauren and I have this " funny thing of the week" The idea is to find the most random or ridiculous or to funny to not share stories/quotes/ect - you get the idea and then we send it to the other via text.

I'll share a couple since they apply here

Why is there brail on the drive through ATM's ??? whose advocating that a blind person drive...

The McDonald's out in Apache Junction has not one but two drive through order prompters or whatever you want to call them and then you must merge into one lane to pay and receive your food. If someone cuts you off you get the wrong order ( its happened to Hayley)

Taco Bell's hot sauce has " will you marry me " printed on the front...
I have absolutely no rational idea for this. However, I do know that Kara took it as a sign and forwarded it to her boyfriend of 8 yrs. hahah nice Kara !

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  1. It might be fun to start a blog solely dedicated to "funny things of the week." Just sayin...

    Love you! xo