Saturday, May 7, 2011

this wraps up this week

RECAP this week
(easy jump back into this world.)

In one word or phrase: " my spirit is willing but my body is not "- my grandma lol as a kid I thought she just didn't want to play. I've learned to appreciate this phrase lately.
I'm dreaming of you: audrey hepburn style DARK sunglasses like these

Song on repeat : If I Ever Leave This World Alive.
GOTTA write this down: Apologizing / Forgiving someone doesn't mean you're weak -- in fact, it means quite the opposite. It doesn't mean you're giving permission for the slight to happen again, either --
Lesson Learned - if I save coupons. they expire before you use them , lol
Highlight of the week- I got a 1138 on my exit exam ( the want you to get an 880/ goes up to 1500 - :) studying paid off)
Weekend to do list: work all day. study all night. - but will be celebrate being blessed with an amazing woman who i get to call mom. - bbq dinner and guessing train dominos. - we're hooked. :)

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