Thursday, July 15, 2010

BItter Sweet Goodbye

Yep- go ahead and take one. You have to be as happy as I am that car hunting is OVER! -
All you close friends know how much I despised this whole process so I feel hunting is the correct phrasing because thats exactly what it is. First, your on the hunt of a car you like in appearance. Then that hunt narrows down to harder game, all the details.. price. quality. color.features. At the same time every dealership you stopped at is now on the hunt for you! I realize this Wouldn't have been as bad if i just lied about my phone number but DAMNIT I just couldn't do it. Im a terrible liar. Each time I sat there reciting my number I had every intention of changing the last one, thinking you know how annoying this will get, you hate to be hounded, just change the last number to 5, then i would get to 775 UGH! and out come 2.
if you survive those rounds you move on the semi finals. Negotiation.
of better described as the ' tug of war of power', my dad never looses!
I thought the first few steps were awful. THANK YOU GOD for my father with the last step.
HUGE shout out goes to him. He asked every safety question. climbed on hot concrete to check the underside. wheel and dealed ! talked to a sales manager via the phone!

I LOVE YOU DADDY more than I think you know.

So,"Hello" new car!

Goodbye Jet !

honestly...I got a little nostalgic when I had to hand over my keys. The Jetta's been around 9 years! Lots of memories in that silver bullet as the boys called it.

Alright out with the old in with the new. One thing down , a little stress lifted and my FREEDOM BACK

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  1. Hot ride!! Well done!!! Did you celebrate at Peter Piper? I think that deserves a blog post!!