Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Be kind

I joked with a friend half way around the world yesterday that
" I always have good hands"( in reference to 'play your cards right')
"I either thank my Irish roots or my good karma."but to be honest its probably more

Corinthians 9:6-7

Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. 7Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for

we all know this as : what you give is what you get

This week I have been blessed many times with , out of their way kindness,

1st time - (backstory first) almost a year ago now, Im guestimating, my co worker wore these coral scrubs. your thinking ok so. well i had been HUNTING for coral scrubs and had yet to find a pair. she found them at big lots. Big lots didn't have anymore. -
anyway, Brooke recently had a baby and got promoted into a supervisor position in which she is required to wear business casual attire. GUESS WHO GOT HER SCRUBS !
yep brooke remembered how much i LOVED her coral scrubs so she washed and gave them to me this past weekend- I sported them today- perfect fit.

2nd time - A few weeks back i went to a friends birthday. I was chatting it up with a friend i hadn't seen in a while and I'm not even entirely sure how I got on the subject but I was telling her my feet killed from standing all day so as a little nervous about my 12 hr shifts at the hospital soon. I was mentioning how would love to buy the dansko's because they apparently are AMAZING for your feet but they are out of my price range.
ricky's new lady is a nurse. at the hospital im soon to be at, well she over heard me jumped in and said she had an extra ,brand new pair, that I could have.
initially I thought this was a lil strange.. my ex's new girl generously giving me a very expensive pair of shoes.. figured probably she wasn't serious.. well she was. I now own a pair of danskos and they are only a smiggen to big.

3rd time- we ordered burgers from iguana macks last night. I starting feel tired all the time again and after the gym didn't want to cook - so satisfying a burger craving my mother and i ordered out. well I got home to find that the little box on top held my veggies not my mothers pie. - so i called back up there to just have them remove the pie charge from my card. - without coming up there that wasn't an option so i asked i could just have credit instead. I was speaking to a very pleasant guy who offered to drive me over the piece since in my words ' to be honest to lazy to come up there again. he insisted he would. I insisted "- im taking this as a sign. I went to the gym tonight and i really don't NEED that pie" - he chuckled said ok and took my address to mail me my gift card. He was going to put 10 on it instead of 5. generous right! :) I was happy.
well 20 min later I have my piece of pie and a 10 gift card to the bar at my front door. I didn't get to see the mans face. he left it then called to say it was out side. but what service huh!

story 4 - yep we ordered out again. my aunts b day dinner was tonight. - she's been stressed to the max so wanted bj's but to eat it at home. so we picked it up. they forgot my bread bowl to go with the chili but when we busted out the card to pay for it it was comped. EASY!

story 5 - my bro helped me burn a video for my aunt before she left and i had a pleasant sticky not left on my background of the computer that says.

HI SISHAM! I hope that you are going to have a SUPER AWESOME DAY! Love you! JONATHAN 7-26-10

if you know us at all we bicker A LOT! so this makes me remember he does love me. :) lol

story 6 - this was actually last week but within the last 7 days so it counts.

I have heard about Hayley mom's shepards pie for I think as long as I've been friends with Hayley. which is years.. ( The Anderson's are from Ireland so we're talking the real deal here) well I have half joked that the next time I went out to Fountain Hills for dinner or we did mother daughter movie night i hoped she would make this famous dish. well .. years and I hadn't had that wish come true.I hand' t mentioned it for quite a while THEN a random week day Hayley's mom made megan ( Hayley sister) meet her in scottsdale to pick up my shepards pie! SWEEEET!

it tasted as good as they promised! -

all in one week . :)
Don't worry I've reciprocated and appreciated!



  1. :) That's a good week!! I want some of that Shepard's Pie... I'm going to harass her incessantly.

    Umm... maybe I'm on the giving side of the Karma-ic circle?? Maybe I can cash some of my good will in this weekend!

    I'm super glad you have all these great people around you; friends, family, and strangers. =)

  2. yes i have heard how awesome you have been!
    you actually beat me to finding nicole lip glosses! great minds think a like. NICE MOVE BU!

    there has to be one good thing that happened to you this week!