Sunday, May 30, 2010


SLACKER : I know I have been! so MAY what did you hold ...

I can't begin to explain to you how relieved I am. Rocked the final and sealed my B in the class. THe girls and I celebrated with lunch at a little sandwich joint by school and beers and bowling :) I've missed seeing them all week but the days of waking up at 445 and endless chapters to read im enjoying not having on my to do list.

yep finally made a decision on a pair and purchased! they made their debut at the Brooks and Dunn concert . Now they just need a spin around the dance floor to have them officially broken in :) LOVE LOVE them.

3. Brooks and Dunn concert- The whole concert was AWESOME. probably one of the best vie been to. Loved going with the fam. my mom had the time of her life.
hightlight. his story on when he told his wife why he got his COWBOY tattoo stamped on his arm ( elbow to wrist) - " I can't wear a cowboy hat, my head looks like a peanut in it and it pisses me off I can't wear one. Im a cowboy ! " then he rolled up his sleeve to revealed how he going to display his love for being country !

hayley successfully pulled of a surprise pub crawl for megan. our shirts may have had a few errors but the entire night was a COMPLETE success. made it to all 7 bars. and lived up to our a night we wont completely remember.
Finally got to try the atomic cherry - bad decision. ROUGH. got the live band at the irish pub to play a country song. Matt spun me around the dance floor. switched gears at the vintage and got low. had a fab 2 am taco and snuggle session. doesn't get much better then that. EXCEPT yep. a fab breakfast with the girls at mimis sat morning. Mimosas and stories of both the night and in general. LOVE LOVE you ladies. GOOD TIMES!

So i'm Still trying to live up to my do one new thing a month idea that i started back in high school.. and this months. Cosmic bingo. 12 am - 3 am. they transform the bingo room into a loud, dark, party. people dance and laugh . drink dollar beers and hold their breath hoping they get the last 2 numbers to win before someone else does :) - bingo usually makes me a nervous wreck I WANT TO WIN SO BAD and you have no idea how close everyone else lol but it was fun. be attending next month as well for anyone who wants to join

6. Finished 2 books!
lesser reading.. oh how i forgot how pleasant you were. however with the craziness of school I didn't have time to make Im reading this summer list - i need some suggestions of good books. :)

7. Lauren graduated! CONGRATES lover im so proud of you . and CANT WAIT FOR YOU TO BE HOME> trio is going on vacation get ready!

REALLY looking forward to .

BBQ tomorrow for memorial day
the river for my BFF's bday!
toby keiths concert
the hotel study session and pool day with my nursing girls
seeing bounty hunter and sex and the city 2 this week!
LAUREN being home.
and a mini vacation - to where i haven't decided

oh SUMMER SUN i've been waiting for you. hello BBQ's. lazy days.. and 40 hr work weeks... :)



  1. glad you are back. :) I really want to do cosmic bingo next time. looovveee you.

  2. It IS nice to see ya blogging again! Sounds like you really did put your liver through a workout, huh? :)

  3. absolutely nicole. you have a month to find a sitter :) or talk stephen into staying home.
    it was only 5 . well 8 if you bough the bonus round. but the prizes went from 500-1200 and they giving bonus's to people who would dance. plus raffle prizes.

    bu. ha i didn't even mention the suns games and a b day dinner haha of course i was telling you the truth. stuck to water all day today too. my body is loving me.

  4. Ahh, my dear!! I love your summer list! I can't even explain how proud I am of you for passing Block One. You're such a star and I look up to you immensely! I've got a wicked "to-do" for us when I arrive home... AT THE END OF THE MONTH!!! I can't wait to see you!