Thursday, May 6, 2010


I have this game I play against myself
It's more of a challenge really
Each time i go to the grocery store I try to out do my savings
from the last trip.
- I know Im to young to be so into this - but it brings me utter happiness when I score big.
and today I scored HUGE!
i was literally giddy all the way home and called my 3 best friends and one old friend ( mike. he my old roomie ,I used to drive him crazy sitting in isles deciding which was the better bargain)

ok anyways so anyways
First i was extremely giddy from the fact that clinicals ended today !
Then I finally got to stop at the little store on the corner on the way home. ( every wed and thurs. i see the sign for great fruit deals but had yet to have the chance to stop)
well to my pleasant surprise it was a FARMERS MARKET.
Enter giddy reason number two
( its one of the things i miss most about visiting my grandma)
so i stopped because they had a sign. 4 artichokes for a dollar. and my brother loves. he has had a rough week so i thought perfect!
well PERFECT indeed.
i picked up
3 one lb boxes of strawberries
2 boxes of blackberries.
2 mangos
1 bunch or asparagus
1 bag of red seedless grapes
4 artichokes
all for the GRAND TOTAL OF.....


i would have snagged the 8 avocados for a buck and the 10 cucumbers for a dollar if i actually thought i had room in the fridge.

that was giddy moment number 3
fast forward to my productive afternoon where i managed to get my mothers day gift 30% off.
my best friend a baby press for 2 for one
and the wedding present i wanted for the price i wanted thanks to 40% off

where you ask.
Hayley you know!
KOHLS ! :)

to show just how happy i am today - lauren this is for you ;)


  1. Seven freaking dollars? No wonder you love farmer's markets, you have them figured out! Good luck topping that next time... well done!

    I'm glad that you left the avocados off the list. They are soul-less and wrong. (has nothing to do with being allergic to them)

  2. Hahahahahaa! This post made me DIE laughing! I love love love that you scored big at the Farmer's Market! I can't wait to visit it with you!

    Heel clicks in the sunset?? Ahhh, I do love you! :)