Thursday, March 11, 2010


hello spring break ! I've been waiting for you

A rough weekend at work. few trips to the gym, 1 crazy phys teacher, 2 meetings. and 3 exams later and this week is over!

I'm going to toot my own horn here for a moment and update all of you that I have failed to see or talk to since the 12 days of stress started.

Monday was my second BIG exam for nursing school. I rocked it. 95% ( toot toot and a shout out to all who quized me) the whole middle table rocked this exam - we are all very proud - Thank the man upstairs or I would have been really pissed for locking myself in the house the entire weekend for nothing.
wed. and today were the practicums ( the actual demonstrations - vitals and medications). Now I know you think well piece of cake but you haven't dealt with Alfreda Morales she helps you out in no way shape or form. - pretty sure only my nursing crew will understand this to its completeness but you get the point.

Now I'm not sure I can articulate the awful feeling between nervous/anxious/terrified and ready I felt before each practicum. Especially today's. AWFUL!
( if you didn't pass practicums you were out of the program! )
but deep breath out. Its now spring break and I wont worry about the last two until closer to Monday the 22. ( in which the prayers, fingers crossed and wish upon starts are required of all my friends AGAIN)

so hello spring break I've been counting down for you.
The week looks something like this. burning a CT CD as we speak ! STOKED. about to go organize my bill statements to file since my taxes are complete and do some homework for the physc lecture I love being responsible ! and tonight. FAM night. its my fathers birthday. :) cheers to another yr to a man i wish everyone could know.

then work a couple days. going out all weekend! I have a gym session with a trainer sat... I never work out on sat so this should be interesting. SHOPPING :) -
Sean scored me and Hayley tickets to the game Sunday night!
one day I don't plan on exiting bed ! you will be my favorite I think. Hopefullly one of the days ill get to go to the movies with coco since Friday fell threw.
WED! ST PATTY'S DAY and THURSDAY ERIN ARRIVES ! ( Lauren if I were you I would be doing a heal click! lol )

hope all of you have a fab week as well. AND this is my week to see EVERYONE! so if you have missed me book now ;)


  1. You are such a hard worker. I'm constantly amazed at how you are able to get everything done and still make sure all the people you love get quality Kristin time. I'm proud of you. :)

  2. Thanks coco. Im just glad get to see the frankes as much as I do! you guys are at the top of my priority list! see you sunday

  3. You're so amazing! I love you so much and I'm so proud of everything you've accomplished. You're a role model to all those around you. I'm heel clicking the hell out of my boots. Just for you! ;) xo

  4. lol ahh this coming from the girl about to graduate with her masters and pick a dr program. - you inspire me! XOXO!

    call you later.