Monday, March 8, 2010

Rain Rain.

So I've established, I love the rain. I love to watch it, listen to it, smell it, feel it on my skin

Arizona has the best lighting storms but it doesn't compare to the rain/thunderstorms of the Midwest. When I was a little girl I spent every summer with my grandma in Indiana. Lucky for me the summer is when they get all their rain. One my most cherished memories is when it would down pour and she would roll up her pants, kick off her shoes and go outside to run in the street. Yep even my 60 year old grandmother would run up and down her street splashing through the water, running through the gutter and stretching her hands above her head like the moment out of Shawshank Redemption

I lived for those storms. Arizona had amazing lighting storms but I wasn't allowed go play in it. Indiana had big rain drops and the rain was warm. I think even her neighbors thought she was crazy at first but they eventually joined us. Her love and happiness from it was contagious.

Rain storms have been one constant in my life. I loved them as a child and I love them now. There's nothing as sweet as taking a nap on a rainy day. So I don't curse the sky for ruining my hair or newly washed car. I don't hate bundling up and very rarely do i carry a umbrella. Don;t get me wrong I wouldn't want it to rain every day but the break from the sunshine is Divine.

so rain rain DON'T GO AWAY at least not today.

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