Monday, February 8, 2010

Rolling Credits

I believe you are born with a personality. Then life happens : School starts, friends come and go, bad decisions and good decisions are made .. you get the point so this person you started off just being now has to re" find" themselves. Key is loving who you are and keeping those in your life who love you for being who you are.

that said.. the first sneak peek into the life of Kristin is giving credit where credit is due.
I consider mysel
f truely blessed . I have two handfuls of people i would consider exremely close and who know me very well ( which as you can tell from the title isnt something that comes easy)

my mother : is the most thoughtful person you will ever meet. Be a safe bet if you asked he what she was doing that she would reply "reading" When you get her laughing hard enough she squeals -as we like to call it . shes one my best friends and i get all my good traits from her. even ones we dont love all the time huh mom ;)

My father - i was a daddies girl growing up - now a days..... we have a little more trouble communicating. he shows his love via acts of service ( future blog) . He most genuine, thoughtful , worry wart , quite man. He taught me enough to fill a book
My BRO HAM! - he hated this nick name however i think he has come to love it. when i think of my bro a million memorries flash into my head at
once. hahah He hated me as a child. I adored him. we couldn't have survived adolence without one another. - He's smart and one most loyal people I know. I swear he should be a stand up comedian. He's got whit and sarcasm like you wouldn't believe and can be quite the ranter.

J- Would be my brothers best friend who lived with us for years. the two of them are quite the pair to be around. I swore he was more protective
then jon but i later learned jon just the passive aggressive protector. who knew. - J come a long way the family is proud.

Christian- my 4 yr old smart ass lil nephew. let m
e share a story so you get the full affect.
i knew he made cookies at school - so when he came home our convo went something like this.

Me: did you have fun decorating cookies.
C : ya

Me: did you bring me one ?
C: No

Me Oh.. how come?
C: I didn't know you wanted one.
Me: well figured you make more then one so thought you would bring me one.
C: you have to tell me you want one.
then scampered off. as i stood stunned. its got to be in the y chromosome. . .

He is witty and lives to make you laugh . Plus he has this sixth sense when your upset. he make you pictures or bring you flowers. Lethal combo
- going to break girls hearts - if only i could warn them.

My Auntie- SPOILS us rotten to this day. A red head with a firey spirit. Like my father has a soft spot for those less fortunate. and a faith in God that is inspirational. not to mention she makes fab. rice crispy treats and makes us play ridiculous games every birthday and Ch
ristmas we tease her about yet secretly love.

Heather - is my Soul sister - we been friends for ov
er 16 yrs. shes family and may know me as well as i know myself. actually her entire family i consider family. Lauren and her have the most random things occur in their lives topped with a great story telling abilty most the time im in tears laughing. - she BEAUTIFUL. opinionated and humble. - my couch potatoe buddy . we love. ( clint is funny and a charmer. - he been real helpful! and carson is a doll. this kids got more personality then you know what to do with. - i cant wait to meet the newest addition )

speaking of... Lauren - a.k.a bia - geeze we have been friends for... 9 yrs. shes my sanity. currently she lives to far away but shes one of the most intelligent/driven, humble, outgoing, stylish and lack of better word emotional people i know. by emotional i mean - shes a physc. major so she gets why people react how they do, her and i love to debate and creative! one day she will publish a book - my dancing buddy.

the frankes - hmm ok well Nicole used to be an ayala. pretty sure we became instant friends 13 years ago. good memories. Stephen her husband. enter the two kids and you have the Franke's. the other extension to my family. Stephen is outgoing. mildly inappropriate, sm
art, funny. I live for his voicmails in which he sings his messages. lol. Nicole is honest, creative, thoughtful, a amazing mom . she will kick your ass in friends scene it! you couldn't find two more loyal friends. they have a faith and a marriage that is to be admired. Micha boo is his fathers son. and he adores me which i wont lie warms my heart because i adore him. sky is just like his mommy - what we love most. game nights and hiking!

Hayley - i can give you a great personality descriptor in one word. IRISH! firey temper. a alcohol tolerance that's amazing. ( stomach of iron i tell ya ) I have never had a friend be as defensive, loyal and supportive as you hay. The Andersons equal my mother in thoughfulness. she probably one of few who sees me cry yet i never laugh as much as when with her . add lauren in there and we very rarely can breath laughing so hard. - i love love love you!

Easton - a.k.a the fav. - we been friends for 14 yrs! hay o sirrine! lol one of the few guys i completely trust. He artistic, phenom. dancer. honest. trustworthy. genuine. charming! you could call him any time and it wouldn't matter. day / nigh/ rain .shine/ superbowl sunday/ saturday night... - We understand one another. - he going to make an amazing nurse. - how i miss working with you .. at least then i saw you all the time.

the other hay - she claims she doesn't have a personality but ill be here to beg to differ. - i adore you. you have talent! your sarcastic sense of humor matches mine. she a lil couch potatoe now because baby sucking the life out of her but man the last 3 yrs have been fun with the carters. - both of you are reliable. honest. fun !

Rach - is part of hay family. 3 yrs ago against all advice i dated their cousin/bro in law. in 3 yrs i have about as many memories with her as i do with people gone to school with all my life. cowgirl to the bone! shes got the sarcastic humor to match hayley's, always down for a good time. we had many heart to hearts. its a rare thing to find a friend who you can tell them their faults and them tell you yours and still be friends. -

Erin and mikey - here funny story. I was dating a guy - Erin was this random girl to me who was hanging out at his apartment when i came over. we all ended up sharing a bed that night after drinking and the next day we decided to take a cruise. her and i since no one else wanted to go- instant friends.

mikey - i worked with at A&F when i broke my arm. he let me simply open the dressing room doors and he folded everything! apparently they grew up together so he came over randomly one night and it was a hey i know you- I don't want to go to this party for a co worker but i promised. your going. i went. we left quickly. ...
how i miss my partner in crimes !

V- I never see but is a friend that we pick up right where we left off.
Meylinda- you're me in another body

my co workers- I LOVE my job because of the people i work with. They see more sides of me then i think most my friends do. They considerate. and witty smart asses! yet supportive. its like a family. sometimes you love them sometimes you want to kill them! but i wouldn't trade them.. hence why I'm still there

there are others. but these are the base.
So you're wondering why when i see or talk to each other these people on a regular basis why write about them... well tri fold reason
1. i believe you should tell people often how much they mean to you. - once in a while put in writing why you adore them. it makes people feel good and always nice to re- read on a bad day
2. I decided to write the blog because recently i have been told more then one that I dont really let people know me. - now I'm aware that I'm guarded to a fault - enter the whole life happens. but i decided to make it a new years resolution to bring my wall down to more of a fence.
3. which brings me to the last reason - baby steps.. its getting to know me without having to talk directly about me... but Lauren made me promise put a mini paragraph about me so...

  • I'm trying to accept that being strong doesn't mean you never loose self control
  • I currently attending nursing school at PC- though it wasnt my first choice of schools it where i was suppose to end up . 9 new friends - 6 girls who i already adore and 2 years to survive. - passed my first exam! thank you god and the bamboo the boys bought me.
  • I recently realized that when i feel disrespected/ offended or that someone is merely disrespectful in general i can't make eye contact with them . - being analytical i think this is because people HATE not receiving eye contact. so it's a simple way to show my disgust. Lauren says its playing dirty. . i think its you reap what you sow .
  • > I LOVE being outdoors. doing activities outside. I HATE the gym. so the only time i exercise is when it involves doing something fun and not realizing im bring calories and toning muscle.
  • snowboarding, wake-boarding, hiking. - although ct is in t minus 65 days so looks like I'm going to have to get over the hate the gym thing.
  • I don't sing in the shower. only in the car when its a road trip. however at work . I sing like its part of the job requirement. random right...
  • I have a deep faith - always have though you wont hear me preach often.
  • I have learned a lot of lessons the hard way the last few years.
  • I didn't hate high school. Never counted down till it was over.

baby steps. so this is all you get.
Thinking this was a good idea to give into. makes me miss my yearbook days.


  1. You took a huge step tonight. I didn't think I could love you anymore - but somehow, I do. You're absolutely amazing and I look up to you. I hope this blog allows you to show everybody the divine secrets you hide. You have so many wonderful gifts to share. I love you a lot. xo

  2. Yay! See don't you feel better? Proud of you. Love you!