Monday, June 28, 2010

Never Say Never

So you're either a dog person or a cat person right. If your honest enough to admit your not an animal person then there is that too. I say honest because any time you tell someone " I'm not really an animal lover" they give this look of astonishment and immediately think you must be cold hearted. I've been on the receiving end of that look before you feel the the need to delve into detail that you mean you love them just not enough to own one. :) Anyway, I used to be a dog person. Then, I lost my baby and I became a not an animal person perhaps thats based on the fact I know I don't have the time a pet deserves or I'm merely lazy and don't want to have to train a puppy or come home to messes. I do know I've NEVER been a cat person. UNTIL three weeks ago .

meet the new loves of my life.

Here's the situation , this story is much like the hangover and is in snippets of known events with the rest a mere mystery that we stopped trying to figure out.
snippet one :
One day out of no where we found a cat living in our back yard. well more correctly our white shepard found a stray cat living in our yard. Apparently she had made it home pretty quickly. Initially all we knew was this cat was MEAN! SHe wasn't scared of my shepards at all she just let them walk up to her without so much as a hiss. within DAYS! I catch this cat chasing our newest addition and I have two shepards popping their heads out the doggy door to look around for this cat before going outside! WTF!

enter blacked out moment :
I dont recall why we were on the side yard but my brother heard meowing. (weird hadn't seem MEAN cat in a little while guess the bush wasn't as homey as she thought) .... little snooping and YEP there was MEAN cat and THREE KITTENS snuggled up behind our air compressor- I got the text " cat has kittens. SHIT" I arrive home and the side yard is now barricaded off with random items.
I giggled. my mother said " SHUT UP"
your wondering why . I know my mother well...she knows herself well. you're about to know her.

enter black out moment 2 :
A night and a day day goes by. We cant decide what to do. WE"RE NOT CAT PEOPLE. we know nothing about cats. and my mother DOES NOT want one. - I had been sharing this story with Hayley and I should have bet on how much i knew my mother. I arrive home the next night and there is cat food on the counter

I giggled. -my mother said " SHUT UP"

so we fed a mama cat. Immediately she LOVES my mother. goes in and out of my moms legs purring.- my mom cringes every time. I giggle. :)

enter black out moment 3
the kittens got moved the night we found them and I'm not entirely sure how long we fed mama cat before we saw them again. BUT i do know mama cat waited for us at 6 am and 6 pm to get fed like clock work and when my mom would coo " wheres your babies" this cat would meow and out they came. UNTIL they saw us and then THERE THE WENT.

enter black out moment 4.
I think we played this call your babies they would come out to scurry away game a while before i got the bright idea of naming them. my mom " NO" -
"mama cat has beautiful eyes. one blue and one green and she was mean. " two faced" "
"two face where your babies. two face call them " i coo
" twoey"
" what?"
" two faced is two long ad she's a girl."
I giggle. my mother says " SHUT UP"

3 kittens.
Mimosa - he was the brave one that would come out hesitantly while we were there. he was the first one i got to pet. - figured liquid courage and mimosas happen to be my favorite drink - he was my initial favorite.
Stowaway - she is mimosas twin. she was always hunched behind the two by four waiting for us to disappear so she could come out. and being a stray i figured yep knowingly free loading.
Ebony - well she is black and the spit fire. edgy which what this stone makes me feel so good job on that name ma. ( yep my mom named this one - I giggled she said SHUT UP )

needless to say ill wrap this story up . we fed them for a week or so. my mom researched their approximate age. called around to shelters. and I BEGGED people to want a kitten. no hope anywhere. my mom was really starting to get stressed between the cats and the baby humming birds and our almost bee infestation. ( those two entirely different stories)
well sat. daisy and my mom were hunting for the missing fledgling my mother had been saving for two days when the stumbled across the kittens new hide out. well better then never so sat afternoon started the fiasco !
enter black out moment 5
I was at work so i missed the enjoyment of this and got to merely partake in the enjoyment of cuddling the new captured kittens. HOWEVER i was there to experience the second fiasco of catching ebony. so we held them while they alternated between hissing and sleeping. my mother and father built a cardboard fort to put them in and we were going to call it a night till we could figure out what to do with them. well.. thats the thing about plans.. you always need plan B.
i was washing my hands looking out the kitchen window watching towey try to get back in the fort and watching the fort shakily move all over the side yard. ok executive decision time ( my mom was flustered, exhausted and stressed) so out went our shepards kennel to the side yard.
well kittens were more angry now so they were spitting. my fellow non cat people let me give you a visual. Jerassic Park

REMEMBER we are NOT CAT PEOPLE. so my brother and I jumped every time. alright... so plan C. we cut a 'flap ' to just scoot them into the cage well DAMN IT EBONY she slips past spits and gets away.. now visualize 3 grown ups and one mother cat searching a tiny yet junk filled side yard for a black cat at 630 pm.

black out number 6 - I agreed to watch the Franke loves of my life micha and sky so I rush out and say a loud prayer on the way both for me not to be late and her to be found.
three hours later I get " got her"
thank you god ! - I post on FB i have three kittens praying someone will want them and want them ASAP

God is good. 630 am sunday morning i have an email from my best friend Heather. she going to surprise her mom and she doesn't want stowaway. i reply my honest warning of how they hiss and thank her! one down two to go!

flash to 5 30 pm. my ma picks me up from work and there is stowaway in her lap.
" she's not doing well. she's been lethargic all day and I caught twoey nudging her in the cage so vie had her in your room and been using a medicine syringe to get water down her. what do i do! "
" heather mom will know. after they surprise her we will ask her. it will be ok. "

heather comes with the family. She sees stowaway and decides she will take her to her mom. sees the other two and says maybe she take all three.
for those of you who don't know heather. I knew all three were getting a home. She doesn't not get what she wants. she likes to call her self a motivator. I call her good!

the next 4 hours we lots of family visiting. ( the knapps our my other family and I like to think we are their's ) kitten cuddling. vet visits and me saying
" please don't hate me bob " lol
Happy endings do happen.
so here we are. Monday night. my kittens are in two happy homes where I still get to see them!
they got the clean bill of health today and I believe Heather you were entirely correct .

" Cats are an omen from God. They are for healing"

I'm NOW a cat person

Twoey lives on our side yard still

I giggle. my mother says " SHUT UP" :)



  1. Fav part:
    BUT i do know mama cat waited for us at 6 am and 6 pm to get fed like clock work and when my mom would coo " wheres your babies" this cat would meow and out they came.

    Too cute! I actually am both a cat and dog person, which is the only combo you left out. I adopted a kitten a few years ago but I was forced to give her up because A LOT of girls ARE NOT cat people.

    It's too bad, TK (my cat) would have provided longer enjoyment than they did, haha.

  2. ok bu first mistake was giving the cat up for a girl! lesson learned right
    TK is a good name! I used to be so allergic. but these kittens didn't kick in the sneezing. and my best friends moms house never throws me into hating life.. guess sits all in how much you clean up after them.
    do you have any pets now?