Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 3

ok ok so I cheated and posted two but these two photos come as a pair.
Alaska cruise 2 years ago.

so I picked it for a tri-fold reason
1. That was one of my favorite vacations. - i hadn't seen any of the family that went in such a long time; i met 4 guys 2 of which still friends with and the place was heaven
2. I love pictures that captures peoples spirits. This photo does just that. my aunt Emily is TINY. she barely could rest her head on the rail. She is a ' lady' to the core and a genuinely good person - sweet natured. she was in heaven.
My aunt June is feisty and sarcastic and I LOVE HER. she was also enjoying the peace. - these photos go together because they were sitting on the same balcony in silence
(do they not look like the descriptions I gave lol )
entirely content in the moment .
3. Last - I envy the relationship these two have. A family bond ( sisters) and a best friend mentality. They talk daily. Fret over one another . Will cry at the sight of the other crying and still try to make each others dreams come true to this day!

- perfect day to post this. My aunt Em pulled through surgery great and will be released in a couple days. (We have heard from June twice ) xoxo


  1. I don't know if its just my computer but the text on this is really super weird. Can't read it at all. :/

  2. That's SO great about your Aunt. I'm super glad to hear it!