Monday, March 15, 2010

social butterfly - its in my genes.

As a child you get told " Don't talk to strangers" - however, this particular stranger made me have a GREAT night.

Enter Sean. - here's a little background.
I met Sean about 2 months ago in Pine Top. Hayley and I had gone up to meet a friend. well this friend ended up being a royal ass so I did my typical passive aggressive style and moved to the other side of the bar. Well in people watching
( let me tell you that was highly entertaining in pinetop- who would have thought)
Sean came over in his drunken stupor and started chatting it up. Watched the video on how he got his black eye blah blah. danced. great time.

well Sean works for the suns so he emailed Hayley and i tickets to Sundays game since i survived the week, passed all my tests and well he can. THEN To top it off her hooked us up at the Toyota lounge and we got FREE food and drinks all night!

so free light rail ride with out ticket. free tickets. free dinner. free booze. free snacks. more free booze. = PHENOM evening.

suns won! in case you didn't get to watch. After the game we chilled at Marley's till he was off. the homeless man playing guitar didn't miss a beat when the fight broke out in front of him. IMPRESSIVE. and he stopped playing when we left so we left him a nice tip for the entertainment.
Karaoke was to follow. as was unnecessary shots and more singing.
should have added this to the funny thing of the week. Hayley and I in all our glory attempted Bug a Boo. - Word to the wise this song is a lot harder then you remember. lesson learned.
2. all karaoke men are sarcastic we got a " did you forget how to read" - we were only singing the chorus really. LOL!
"nope just cant after so many beers!"

CHEERS to Sean and the awesome Sunday night.

had my milkshake today. my first burn of the yr and a fab dinner with family from out of town. spring break is off to a fantastic start!
4 days and ERIN IS HERE!!!

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