Thursday, March 18, 2010


Here's a minor detail about moi' - I'm a huge list maker. To do lists, grocery lists,Christmas lists, who goes to lunch when lists.
Post it notes may have been one of the single greatest inventions in my book
this very simplistic piece of paper helps keep my sanity. Nothing makes me feel more accomplished then a list I can scratch off when I get the task completed.

where am i going with this . good question.
One my best friends Nicole wrote a blog this week on things she wants to accomplish by the time she becomes 30 and she wrote me asking me to make a list. naturally since I'm a list maker i instantly said sure but i must admit coming up with the list wasn't as easy as I originally thought.

Here it goes
1. learn to cook, really cook
2. Go on a mission trip to another country - my hearts always pushed for Africa but anywhere will do.
3. Volunteer more
4. Backpack Europe and see Ireland
5. read the bible from cover to cover
6. sky dive
7. Do something with my photography passion
8. Learn to play an instrument again
9 see bon jovi every year until he quits
10. ride a horse- but I mean run, be in control verses riding on one that's done the trail so many times i could close my eyes and it would know the way
11. be fluent in sign language
12. volunteer at a church or somewhere as an interpreter
13. learn to drive stick shift but on a rd not just in a parking lot
( though i appreciate your attempts Mikey )
14. Make a difference in a complete strangers life
15. hike the grand canyon
16. Be married and thinking about children ( at least )
17. a serious road trip with my closest girl friends
18 Experienced Vegas at New years
19 Be working on my masters in nursing ( so i can teach one day )
20. Be keeping a journal of patients who made a difference in my life
( hooked on this book called the scalpel and the soul right now)
21 Be living on my own
22. Have a new car
23. Be at a job I love.
24 have had my hair long - mermaid style as heather calls it
25 have attempted a garden
26 done the wince country bike tour with Lauren and Hayley
27 white water raft again on a more intense river
28 bought a mac lap top

I leave you with this as the reason for her wanting the list.

"in the end,
it's not the years in your life that count,
it's the life in your years.

~ Abraham Lincoln ~

so years ago I made this list - things I have realized in my twenty + years

1. F.A.I.T.H is the most important thing. - its the one thing that will get you through everything.
pray. god listens.

2" gut feeling"- your intuition. listen to it. - trust that you may, with out explanation , just know.

3. it takes years to build up trust and only one lie to loose it.

4. True friends are hard to come by. make sure you let only the right ones walk out of your life. or walk back in - you'll know . - A true friend is always there. no matter the time. or how far. or how much they have to drop in that moment.. . aren't afraid to tell you the truth . and will always be supportive whether they agree with you or not. --- everyone should have " a person" .

5. You let your family get away with more. . no reason behind it.

6. Everyone has there own problems. they may not view them as intense as your own but it doesn't mean they are less difficult to deal with .

7. The hardest thing you will learn is how to say goodbye.

8. Love requires you to forgive , a lot.
forgiving doesn't mean you have to forget. - just makes it easier.

9. Love may not always be enough. ---everyone idea of love is different.

10. dying of a broken heart or lack of hope is possible.

11. not knowing is the worst feeling.

12. Sometimes the plan doesn't work out. & neither does the back up plan. That maybe its better to skip the plan entirely!

13. maturity does not go hand in hand with age.

14. Life is much sweeter when you ENJOY your job.

15. LAUGH! as often as possible.
" you never worked so hard that milk came out your nose! "

16. Money can't go to the grave with you. So Take as many vacations as possible. Play as much as you can. -

17 when bad things are occurring remember " bad things happen in threes. gives you a end point." my mom

18. The best way to overcome a fear. Face it!

19. ACTIONS! will always speak louder than words.

20. improv is a talent

21. its important to know yourself and love who you let yourself be.

22. helpful motto when all else fails. sleep.

OK Nicole - I did your list. now do one of the things you have learned in your 20 + yrs.


  1. lovely list. :) and done...made one already...look on my countdowns 10 things I've learned along the way. And I want to go on that road trip with you. That way we can both scratch that off our lists and maybe we should throw in a cooking class while we're at it. ;)

  2. cooking class this summer. done and done.

  3. I want in!!! I'm totes making a list.

  4. i'm jumping on this list wagon... and your mermaid hair is attainable!!! Come to my house I have plenty to garden... love love love you!

  5. heather your hair is actually my inspiration~
    ;) first length then the curls. hopefully in a month ;) hahah . love love love you.